Song of Springhill, a love story & labor of love

Check out the blog I posted on my writing website about my new novel, Song of Springhill: a love story. It’s a story that comes from my family, and includes the mining disaster my grandfather survived and a God who showed up and allowed for some of the most miraculous rescues.

Cheryl McKay (Screenwriter/Book Author)

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I feel like I’ve been living in the 1950s for the past little while, so enjoying looking up details about cars, Christmas decorations, clothes, popular music and dances, and other styles of the time period. That’s one of the many joys of being a writer…being able to dive into another world, setting, time period. (I’ve been listening to this great 1950s music mix!) I was even tempted to buy a poodle skirt and a hula hoop. What an era that must have been to grow up in.

It feels like I’ve been working on this project for a long time because…well, I have. My dad had told me for years (in the 90s) that I should try to find a story to tell centering on the Springhill coal mining disasters, including the big one my grandfather survived. It took me a while to listen to him. (Sorry…

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One thought on “Song of Springhill, a love story & labor of love

  1. Enjoyed “Song of Springhill”, being originally from Springhill. My book was missing pages 155-158, but it didn’t cause loss of the story. Many people, events, and places were very familiar. My uncle was one of the miners burned to death on the surface following the 1956 Explosion. Brought back many sad memories for family as well as remembrance of the terrible nightmares my Nannie used to have of her son running toward her all aflame. A real confusion of emotions were brought back to me although I personally did see and live the strength, and goodness experienced by all during those times.
    Thank you, Marjorie Rector
    I have been waiting for a second copy of “spirit of Springhill” as the first one was gifted. I’m sure it too will bring laughter and tears. Thank you, God, for allowing me to grow up in the Town of Springhill. MR

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