Finally One Series

Finally One with photo

Chris & Cheryl are working on co-writing a book series called Finally One, for married couples (or those engaged couples who want to prepare for marriage). It’s about fostering peace and intimacy within marital relationships–personally, spiritually, and intimately. Intimacy in all these areas is key to a peaceful home.

Do you want the kind of marriage where you absolutely can’t wait until your spouse gets home from work? Where you look forward to every moment you get to spend together?

Whether you’re just starting out or have been married a long time, our series will give helpful advice on how to foster a peaceful haven of a home, how to have fun together, how to prioritize each other, developing spiritual habits that grow your relationship with God and each other, and many other topics.

Each book will have a “Finally Fun” series of chapters that offers ideas for fostering fun and humor in your relationship in those key areas: personally, spiritually, and intimately.

The Finally One book series will be a work-in-progress for us, for a while.

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