16 Ways to Pray for Your Future Husband

16 Ways to Pray If anyone knows what’s it’s like to wait to find love and marriage, it’s me. I waited 39 long years of life to walk down the aisle. Trusting God during the long wait was sometimes extremely difficult. Some days, all I could do was pray. I started to realize that “all I could do” was actually quite significant. I found out later how God-led my prayers actually were, once God revealed to me who I was going to marry and what he was going through in his life when I chose to pray certain things. My prayers mattered; my prayers paid off. When waiting to find a husband and get married, it can seem like you are helpless and “doing nothing.” One of the best things to do while waiting is to pray for your future husband. To follow are 16 prayer points that you can focus on during your waiting season, to pray for his preparation. You likely won’t know who that person is going to be when you are praying these prayers. But thankfully, God does.

  1. Pray for his walk with God, that he continues to grow spiritually and is prepped to be the spiritual head of a household, and that he makes God the top priority in his life.
  1. Pray for his ability to hear God’s voice, for his ear to be in tune to hear all of God’s instructions.
  1. Pray for his will to be bendable toward whatever God wants for his life.
  1. Pray for his emotional health—that any past wounds be dealt with and healed. Pray for restoration in all areas.
  1. Pray for his physical health.
  1. Pray that he break free of any unhealthy addictions, if needed.
  1. Pray for his career, his life’s work, that he be established in the field where God wants to use him and that he be wise with his resources.
  1. Pray for his ministry—that he be sensitive to God’s call on his life when it comes to ministering to and serving others. Also, pray for God to prepare both of you for the ways you will minister together.
  1. Pray for his preparation—that he yields to all that God’s potter’s hands would like to accomplish in him.
  1. Pray for God to send any trials necessary into his life that will allow the preparation process to be complete. I realize that may be a bit controversial. Knowing how much God has accomplished in my life through trials, I would expect nothing less of my husband’s journey toward me.
  1. Pray for God to prepare him to be a father, if the two of you will ultimately raise a family together.
  1. Pray for God to help him be responsible with his finances and prepare him to be a significant contributor and provider to the household.
  1. Pray for his identity as a man, his masculinity and self-esteem, that he grows into the man God wants him to be.
  1. Pray for him to not be distracted by any counterfeits—especially other women that God doesn’t intend to use for his growth.
  1. Pray for God to allow this man to see you the way God wants you to be seen, with God’s heart toward you.
  1. Pray for God to show you how to pray for your husband. Be open to whatever His Spirit may whisper to you, to cover your husband’s needs. If you feel God gives you something specific, write it down and date it. Save it for later.

I hope that praying these prayers will encourage you in your waiting, and help you feel that you are accomplishing much in the spiritual realm. I pray you will wait on God’s best. These prayer points are excerpted from Chapter 10 of my book, Finally the Bride: Finding Hope While Waiting.


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60 thoughts on “16 Ways to Pray for Your Future Husband

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  2. The wait is so tough.. so so tough for me. I know God is faithful and will provide. I know I have heightened my desire with my own sins. I just want someone to love and to grow with so much. I pray that God does not tarry much longer. His timing is always perfect. God bless you all

  3. “once God revealed to me who I was going to marry and what he was going through in his life” How did God reveal this to you? I’m curious. Did God speak to you in some way, shape or form? How so? I’m waiting for the right one and would like some insight please and thanks!
    God Bless!

    • That is a very long story that I tell in Finally the Bride, my book for singles who are waiting to find love. There were many different ways He spoke to me about it. Not just one, to confirm His will in his area of my life. I pray God speaks to you clearly. – Blessings! -Cheryl

  4. Cheryl, I was led to your website and started reading “Finally the Bride” tonight. I can’t tell you how much this book has moved me already. I am also 39 and I have had all of the exact same questions, thoughts, and fears. It’s unbelievable how timely this is as I am struggling through a very heartbreaking end to a relationship that I thought was leading to marriage. I’m so happy that your prayers were answered and have a renewed faith that mine will be too! God bless!

  5. im just 22 and its not easy when all of my friends are in relationships, for me this is a reminder that i should wait on God, pray and pursue his purpose for my life. thank you

    • I got your point. I’m just 21 and it can be challenging for me because my family are in a rush that I get married (except for my parent). But I feel that it is coming pretty son (first figure out my school and then my husband to be).

  6. Reading your post, I am encouraged that my prayers will hopefully be answered. I am keen to know more about how you prayed, as is it possible for God to show you the person He has for you and then leave you to pray until He works in his time? I would like to hear more. But thank you for sharing your journey.

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  8. My father has not allowed my boyfriend (well kind of boyfriend lol) to talk for three weeks to pray for one another and seek God’s will. I found myself having no idea how to pray for him and this really helped!Thanks!

  9. Thank you for sharing this list of what to pray for my future husband. I am 21 and I just started to pray for him to find me soon (in God’s timing way, not the definition of the world). But I do not see myself getting married until I am bid older (I won’t tell in here what age because it will depend on God’s timing). Seeing my older sister who is going out with other guys (she does know that he is not the one that God has for her), it show me that if I did that it will take longer for God to introduce me to my future husband. My mom is also praying for me on that part has well. Excited for the time that God will introduce me to my future husband.

      • I’m also praying for one more thing that comes first (I do not if it will happen before). It is for school. I want a career into the nursing field. I’m Canadian who lives in Ontario and the nursing schools are really hard to get accepted in Ontario (more people are applying, expectantly the University of Ottawa where I though it would be the right one for me. Since Ottawa is the capital of Canada). So I am praying for a school outside of Ontario that will take me.

  10. Thank you so much for this list…I have always been advised to pray for my future spouse but i often felt lost on how to do so…this is definitely and Godly inspired way of covering all important factors…thank u sooo much for sharing this wisdom with other, I am 24 and do feel pressured anxious etc at times but this is definetly a great way to really follow God’s plan patiently

  11. Wow, this is God’s timing to have bumped into this now when i realise that i have been praying but as a christian i havent ephasised those crurious christian issues but i was more into a person outside, his career, lifestyle that will suits me and blah blah blah…i thank u guys for giving me a proper list of specific things of what do say when praying for a partner. I am turning 40 soon just got a better post at work that came after a long time of hard work and now i believe and trust in God for he knew before about my post and the same God will bless me with a partner, im gonna start on a prayer but no pressure cs he is a good God.

    Your are a blessing Cherly


      • This story absolutely touched me.I am in Kenya and living with a physical disability and sometimes i wonder if there will be someone one day who will see me past my disability and see me as a God fearing woman.

  13. am so encouraged after going through your story. am about 32yrs old, almost discouraged because i have prayed and prayed, it seems am not seeing the light. in the midst of my quest for solution i decided to search the web, thank God i got connected. i know God will grant me the grace to wait and pray aright. Thanks!

  14. Hello,
    I am glad I saw this as I am searching on how to be patient and pray for my future Godly husband. I am a divorced single mother of one. The first marriage didn’t work because his heart wasn’t in it and he isn’t on the same level spiritually as I am. Actually I am not sure where he is. I talk to him about our son going to Church (he is 5) and he thinks more than once a week seems too excessive. My son loves God and I need him to have a Godly man figure in his life to help him grow in his faith. Maybe his dad one day will too. I know I have been forgiven for my mariage and divorce (I don’t think the marriage was God blessed to start). I often feel I will never find my Godly husband because I was already married. Please offer me some advice and wisdom.

    • Hello Suzy, Friends of mine have written 2 excellent books about Divorce. Flying Solo by Denise Hildreth (Jones). and Falling Forward: a man’s memoir of divorce, by Chris Easterly. At the very least, you may find both of them comforting as they were both written by people who went through divorce as believers. Praying that God guides you directly and specifically to what’s next for you and your son. And I think it’s great that you want your son in church and involved. Praying for grace there as you deal with your ex. and of course for his true salvation as well. Blessings, Cheryl

  15. Cheryl, I commend you for praying to our Lord and Savior for a husband and the patience you had to wait. I must tell you that 39 years is a long time…..but for myself, I can say I KNOW what you’ve gone through. I am a 54 year old woman! How is that for waiting a long time for a husband? It makes me feel like I am not good enough. I didn’t ever think it was possible to be that “old” and STILL not be married. I don’t want to die an “Old Maid” and NEVER have a husband, that was never my plan! I guess that is the problem…….It is not MY plan it is God’s plan! Maybe other woman got married young to the “right” man but I guess I have to wait on God until my God-sent man comes into my life. I feel I am a “late Bloomer” in love and it is very difficult, I must say.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story. Yes, I guess you can definitely say you related to my 39 years of waiting. And I seriously thought that felt like forever. 🙂 I know it’s only by God’s grace I was able to wait…and praying the same for you. I think you’re right that most of the time whatever we plan doesn’t often line up. (“Wait” seems to be a common word God uses, eh?) Thanks for reaching out. May God bless you with more than you could have asked or imagined.

  16. Thank you for this post Cheryl. I’ve only been properly follow God for almost 2 years and I had no clue for a long time that I was even supposed to pray for my future husband. I’m almost 34 and I’m slowly feeling that I’m supposed to be married at this point and it sucks when a younger Christian woman says that she hopes she never reaches my age without a husband. This list helped confirm what I should be praying for my future husband.

    There is a lot of confusion that I have encountered between Christian men and women. I pray that future husbands and wives can continue to pray for one another until they meet.


    • Oh goodness. I used to hate those kinds of comments too. Do not get discouraged. Glad I could help point you in the right direction of how to pray. Many blessings to you as you draw near to God.

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  18. Am encouraged by ur prayer point,may God bless u.I prayed that God will direct me & also to wait patiently 4 my husband

  19. Very insightful post, very encouraging in this time of my waiting.
    Thank you so much and God bless you!

  20. I absolutely LOVE these prayer points. I’ve read so many “singles” books over the years as I continue to wait on God for my husband – I don’t know how I never came across yours until now! I literally read it in a matter of a few days; I couldn’t put it down. But just like everything in life, God’s timing is perfect (even when it comes to finding a much needed encouraging book). Your book has been light and revelation for me, confirming that I’m on the right track even if I’ll be an older bride. I’ll be 36 in September and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only woman who is “unconventional” in my approach of waiting on God for the one. Waiting on Him takes strength, guts and unrelenting faith. Thank you for being so vulnerable and raw in sharing your journey – it has truly given me hope!

    • Lisa, Thank you so much for your sweet note. I’m glad God allowed you to be led at just the right time to Finally the Bride. 🙂 Praying for you and that God has a special blessing in store for you, and honors you for your waiting. – Cheryl

  21. I really found you words encouraging. I have been praying for my furture husband. But am now going to put in more effort. Thanks God bless you Abundantly.

  22. I loved and enjoyed your book! Thank you so much for sharing your story. God keeps telling me that he has a particular man for me. He has told me his name over and over again and that he is the one. God is working on things in his life but it is not the right time. I’ve tried to ignore the constant still voice. I’m so confused.

  23. How did praying “pay off”? Merely for your own spiritual stability, so you could feel like you had something to do while you waited? Or were specific prayers for his life, whence upon looking back, you found were answered?

  24. I am embarking on a season of dedicated prayer for my future husband and myself I guess this is perfect timing being that I stumbled across your page. This post is such a blessing I’ve prayed but not knowing what I should pray for specifically. Thank you for sharing I look forward to reading your book “Finally The Bride” 👰

  25. Thank you so much for the guidance!!
    They are all very good. Two years ago I started a journal to my future husband, where I combine my thoughts, prayers and important scriptures(this kinda goes along with what you said in #16) and on my wedding day this will be my gift to him. I hope it will be a blessing and encouragement to him throughout our marriage. Thanks again!!!

  26. Your 16 Prayers are awesome! May God continue to use you and your ministry to help encourage other as they prepare while waiting for God’s Best!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Crystal. I will soon be releasing Dates with God, a series that encourages all of us to spend some alone time with Him. And I am using those prayers for one of the dates. 🙂

  27. Then there are many of us good single men hoping to meet a good woman and have a family and share our life together.

  28. Hi Cheryl,
    I found your blog tonight as I was needing encouragement waiting on God for a husband.
    I am currently 39 so it spoke to me. A long time ago God gave me a hope verse:

    ‘For surely there is a future hope for you and your future hope will not be cut off’ or in some translations ‘not disappoint’ Proverbs 23:18

    I love your prayer points for a future husband so many I have already prayed and continue to hope.


    • Stephanie, thanks for the kind words. (Yes, I can relate to your journey for sure. I was 39 when I got married. Keep praying. 🙂 And check out Finally the Bride if you get a chance. Most of it I wrote while waiting. Definitely not an easy journey but I’m thankful God gave you that encouraging verse. – Cheryl

  29. I just found this post through Pinterest, actually. I have seen several things lately about what to pray for your future husband, but your list definitely touches on some issues that none of the others I’ve seen have. BTW, I’m 47 and never married. Hoping my husband is on his way to me!

  30. Thank you so much for this. I prayed for many years and stayed faithful to God. Now finally I have been found by my lovely partner and we are in a courtship pursuing marriage!!! Praise GOD!!! Hallelujah!

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