One move can change your whole life

Have you ever done something that had a huge impact on your life? Sometimes, one move made without thinking can have disastrous consequences. Making a wrong turn. Giving into a certain weakness or addiction. Choosing not to walk through a door. Walking through the wrong door. Sometimes, I wish we had that ability from the movie, Sliding Doors, to test out how two different versions of our lives would turn out based on our actions. Naturally, life doesn’t work that way, and we have to take it as it comes. We can try to make the right decisions along the way.

The good news is, some moves we make can be good. Sometimes, what seems like a simple move can have a ripple effect upon your life that can change everything for good.

For me, one of those moves, was sending the following Facebook friend request to an “old friend”, almost three years ago now:

Final FB request pic

I can promise you: the day I sent that email, I had no idea this man would turn out to be my long-awaited husband a little over one year later. No idea what–so–ever. (And I do mean LONG awaited.)

God had a plan. I had no idea at the time my actions were God led. It took a while for me to figure that out. (Six months of stubbornness, actually, but who’s counting?) There are any number of actions I could have taken that could have stopped this blessing from coming into my life. In fact, I almost missed it completely (through such actions as rejecting what was before me, putting my original desires for a different situation above what God was offering to me.)

I’m thankful God was able to get through my stubbornness and original preferences and show me why what He was offering to me was so much better for me. Plus, God wanted a lot for me and my future. But for those things to happen, I needed to cooperate. I do not believe that God controls our actions; we are capable of making mistakes that can derail “the best” for our lives.

Are you facing a decision today that could affect your life, for good or bad? Have you prayed about it to see if God will give you a sense or a leading one way or the other? I believe God still speaks and is willing to guide us today when we ask. Are you ready to ask, and then obey what He asks of you?


If you’re interested in our full story, check out my book Finally the Bride: Finding Hope While Waiting, a book I wrote mostly  while I was still single and waiting (waiting, too long, in my opinion.) It’s a story of God’s faithfulness in the midst of mistakes, delays, choices, frustrations, anger, and ultimately true friendship with Him.

Finally the Bride: Finding Hope While Waiting (Paperback):


Finally the Bride: Finding Hope While Waiting (Kindle) :

Now available as a two book set:

Finally the Bride & Finally Fearless (Two Book Set): Overcoming Obstacles to Finding True Love (Kindle)



From our “engagement photo shoot” by the ultra-talented, Lisa Crates, photographer (

This was taken about one hour before the actual proposal.

5 thoughts on “One move can change your whole life

  1. Dear Cheryl and Chris…

    This is such a wonderful love story. You know that Louise and I would be overcome by jealously if we weren’t also living our own dream of a perfect relationship and marriage.

    But Cheryl, so many times Louise and I said, “What a shame … a beautiful, immensely talented woman … God MUST have the perfect soul mate picked out for her!”

    Chris, congratulations on being the winner of that joyful prize. But also, while we’ve not yet met, can’t wait to do so, we are proud of you; for your pursuit of God’s desires placed upon your heart … for pressing toward the mark.

    Louise and I are scoping out an LA trip in April. I hope we can at least grab a coffee.

    Good wishes and godwinks to you both.

    SQuire (and the lovely Louise) (aka: SQueeze)

  2. What a privilege it has been to watch your amazing story unfold, every step of the way. God sure knows how to pick up that purple pen and write something even beyond what you can ask or think is possible!

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  4. I think I’ve heard from God about the man he has chosen for me but oh my gosh he is SO different from what I had on that “list” of my desired future husband. He has shown a lot of interest in me but I’m still hesitating about it all!! It’s a bit scary because he is even young than me…

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