See Your Spouse as a Gift

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“Take care of the gift you have been given.”  (GS)

“Marriage has been a source of many blessings in my life. It fits in beautifully with one of my favorite quotes: ‘Man will fully discover himself only by making a sincere gift of himself.’ One of my fervent prayers is that I can always be a sincere gift to my wife and children. Not that I’m fully there yet, but like all of us, I consider myself a work in progress.” (DR)

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“Take care of the gift.” This was a gift I had asked for, for years, before God “finally” blessed me with a husband. He is a gift. I think sometimes, it can be easy for people to forget this was something they longed for. While we have only been married for almost 2 years, there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t thank God for Chris. He definitely is a wonderful gift. I hope I never make him feel like he isn’t or start to take him for granted. I also love the second piece of advice along the gift lines that encourages us to pray we are a gift to the other person. Chris often tells me I am a treasure, which means the world to me because of a time when I was told I was not a treasure by someone I loved. I pray Chris always sees me as a treasure and that I always give him reasons to think so.

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3 thoughts on “See Your Spouse as a Gift

  1. Beautiful post. I have been married for 27 years and our love grows deeper and richer as we age. Having someone to share your life with is a gift, but it is an even greater gift when that individual sees you as a gift. We made a vow early in our marriage to always work on it–and not to take one another for granted. It has made all the difference. We are continually a work in process. lol.
    I love the photo of the two of you and symbolism of it.

    • Mary, thanks for sharing and visiting my blog. What a legacy you have of 27 years of this. 🙂 We had fun taking those photos. And it seemed appropriate. 🙂 The second one with the bow had extra meaning for me because I had joked in my book for singles, Finally the Bride, before Chris entered the picture, that I wanted my future husband to arrive with a Christmas bow on himself. And HE DID! 🙂 So the day I took this picture, he had no idea what a fun thing that was for me. A nice little ‘GodWink’. He didn’t know yet I’d even written that book. 🙂

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