Wisdom Wednesdays Launch – Bonding with Your Spouse

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What is Wisdom Wednesdays?

At my bridal shower and our various wedding parties, men and women filled out advice cards filled with wisdom about how to have a happy and peaceful marriage. I put them all in the decorative box below, and we read them throughout our honeymoon.

CD Pix-0576

Then at our one-year anniversary mark, I took a Facebook survey, asking people to post comments with additional advice. I made Chris a special book of advice that we read during our anniversary trip where we renewed our vows (something we want to make a yearly tradition). We’ll use our blog on Wednesdays to share these nuggets of wisdom.  (We will use initials or first names only, to protect the privacy of those who filled out the cards.) We got some terrific advice that we have followed and can attest these little pieces of advice truly matter.


We’ll kick off our Wisdom Wednesday post with a piece of advice we have followed every single night of our marriage since the beginning. Except those very few nights one of us was out of town in the past “almost” 2 years of marriage, we have never missed a single night; it’s been one of the best choices we’ve made in our marriage:

* * *

“Go to bed together each night.

It keeps us on a schedule together and those final moments before you fall asleep where you can talk and cuddle are so precious. I hear so many people that go to bed at different times and have excuses like, ‘I’m a night person, they are not,’ but they end up missing out on a precious time of day, and then both of your schedules are off.  I think if you start from day one, it becomes a routine and you end up not wanting it any other way regardless of who is a night person or not.” (GV)

* * *

The following photo is of Chris & Cheryl, renewing their vows on their one year anniversary trip in Harmony, CA.

The book with the vows also holds the marriage advice cards from our FB anniversary survey:

July 2012 Order-9995

6 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesdays Launch – Bonding with Your Spouse

  1. Years ago – about 3 years after we got married my best friend came to England to visit us and he made a recommendation that my wife follow to this day: PRAY TOGETHER. Jesus said if two shall agree and ask anything in His name it will be done. We have been married for 21 years and I can say that is a place of immense spiritual power.

    Dennis Denton.

  2. My husband and I like to go to bed together, but I have to get up more than an hour before my husband. I start falling asleep at 10 or 10:30 because of that, while he would never fall asleep if he tried to go to be at that time every night.

    We enjoy it when we can, but being healthy and sane (i.e. getting enough sleep) is as much a help to our marriage as going to be at the same night every night would be. 🙂

  3. I love the idea of having an advice box at your wedding and what you have done with it. I’m passing on the site to a niece who is getting married in June.

    I also think going to bed together is a great idea. My husband and I weren’t able to do that for years because we worked different shifts (not our first choice) and many of my clients work different shifts than their spouses to avoid putting children in childcare. Unfortunately those of us who can’t do it are not missing out on some beautiful bonding time – there’s nothing quite like the spontaneity of pillow-talk!

    • Thanks for stopping by our blog, Shel. So true. My husband has to get up weekdays at 420am. I had to decide I’d go to bed earlier than normal to make this tradition work well for us. Sometimes I get up with him. Sometimes I sneak in an extra hour or two of sleep than he gets. But I never stay up later than him (except maybe with a Kindle turned on and a book light. 🙂

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