The Unpopularity Contest

In this day and age, I know many of my beliefs are unpopular. In general, I try to stay out of controversy, especially politics, because that’s just not where my passions are. I just try to live true to what I believe. I do not expect others, who don’t believe the same as me, to behave as though they believe. I only ask for all to allow me to be myself while I let you be yourself. (The role of you and me is already taken by two separate people.) It’s not my job to change what anyone believes. I don’t stand in judgment of people and their choices; that’s not my job either. (Thank God!) I won’t tell you I think something is “right” if I don’t believe it is. But I also won’t try to change you into believing the same as me. I can only ask for the same respect in reverse. From my end, we can still be friends and disagree.

That being said, I have always passionately cared about teenagers and young adults. There is one topic that can be very unpopular in this culture that especially affects them but many older people as well, especially as people are getting married later and later.

My beliefs definitely started with my Christian faith, my desire to please God, and what He outlined in the Bible as best and His design. But my beliefs don’t come from just there. It’s not just “religious” beliefs (I’m not a fan of that word anyway). What I’ve come to believe about a hot button issue is something I believe from the bottom of my heart is truly what’s best for our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. While this issue is a story you could have gleaned about me from my book, Finally the Bride: Finding Hope While Waiting, doing an interview highlighting the topic is a first for me.

So, what is this about? The hot button issue of sex before marriage.

To follow is a link to an interview I did for an online site called “Waiting Till Marriage”. If this topic interests you or if you know someone who may need some extra support in this area, feel free to check out the interview and share it:


Waiting Till Marriage Interview

Interview Graphic WTM

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