Celebrating Marriage, Making Memories

anniv lighouse copy

Every year, we celebrate our anniversary by taking a trip away instead of giving each other gifts. Given that we are both “quality timers” in the love language department–with gifts as a low priority–this has worked well for us. We’d rather save our resources toward focused time away with each other.

My husband edited together a video / slideshow of this year’s trip to share the beauty of California. Since we’ll be leaving the state of California soon and Highway 1 is our favorite place to visit on earth thus far, we decided to extend this particular anniversary trip to see more of it before we go.

My encouragement to those who are married is to take is take the time to celebrate milestones, like anniversaries. Take the time to build precious memories together. Never forget to have fun together or remember if you have kids that you are spouses first, parents second. One of the topics we speak about to married couples is making sure you have good memories to look back on so that if you ever hit a rough patch in your marriage, you have good memories to draw on to remind you of how it can get better. It’s kind of like with God, when we go through a dry patch where we wonder where He is, and it “seems” like He’s absent. When we have memories with God to draw back on when He was faithful to us, they can carry our faith through until we sense His presence again–if we let it.

Have you ever seen the picture within a picture idea on Pinterest, where they suggest you take a photo of yourself on each anniversary holding last year’s anniversary photo? By 50 years you’ll have yourself in the image 50x. All four of our photos so far have been from Highway 1. It’ll be an adventure to see what those pictures will be in the future as we leave here. It’s never too late to start one of these. Now, go make some great memories with your spouse.


5 thoughts on “Celebrating Marriage, Making Memories

  1. Love this! Hope to have a husband to do things like this with one day. 🙂 Looks like a lot of fun and I have only been to CA once but LOVED it there!

  2. Your beautiful marriage is truly inspiring, Teaching couples how to love each other more is a blessing in itself. Remain connected by sharing time and honest communication is essential for a healthy relationship. Thank you Chris & Cheryl for sharing these fun and useful ideas.

  3. Hello Cheryl,
    I’ve just finished reading Finally The Bride. Thank you for such an inspiring book, I laughed and cried the whole way through because so many of your experiences in your single life echo mine. I’m still single at 38 and still waiting for God’s Appointed timing. Thank you for giving me hope and strengthening my faith that God is faithful in the end!
    Congratulations on finally finding your God ordained husband. Praise God.

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