Celebrating Your Anniversary

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It’s only appropriate I post this marriage tip for Wisdom Wednesday about celebrating anniversaries on my parents’ anniversary.


Now this may seem obvious… marriage advice that says “celebrate your anniversary.” Doesn’t everyone? We are the types that like to celebrate everything. Perhaps it’s because we waited so long for marriage, we like to enjoy the “little things.” No one would be surprised to see “Happy 17th Month Anniversary, babe!” So feel free to celebrate each other, anywhere anytime.

To follow are ideas we’ve collected and done, to commemorate the occasions, like the big anniversaries.  Enjoy our anniversary ideas in pictures. Some of them you can do together. Others are photos you should take on the occasion (inspired by Pinterest).

Picture Ideas: 

5 pic version PIN



Action Ideas:

UnityCandle       flutes2

Make a Gift idea:


For more ideas check out my Pinterest Board:

Celebrate Anniversary Ideas on Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Your Anniversary

  1. Hello I just purchased your finally the bride book and I’ve gotta say that it is a really good book and gives me hope for the future. So thank you for writing it 🙂 Also, I’d like to say happy almost 4 year anniversary. thank you for this website as well. I originally found you on your other website, but barely got around to reading your book until now lol. thanks! 🙂

  2. And I got 1 more thing to ask. I’ve noticed a trend when women wait for God’s best for a husband and there’s been a few women who were initially turned off to what God put in front of them. That’s why I’m so paranoid that God is gonna give me someone who I’m not attracted to. I know looks don’t really matter, but like I can’t help it. :/ Advice?

    Oh and what Bible study do you use? I’ve been looking for one, but can’t seem to find a simple enough one for my liking. Thx 🙂

    • Thanks for the notes. Glad you visited our website and hope you continue to enjoy the book. Do you mean which Bible version? I use NIV most of the time. Then sometimes cross reference to NKJV. Blessings to you! Thanks again for reading my work.

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